Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance provides employers no fault insurance coverage should an employee experience wage loss and need medical benefits due to a job-related injury or disease. Workers Compensation Insurance also protects employers from certain civil liberties.

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As a general rule, employers with one or more full-time, part-time, seasonal or occasional employees are required to carry workers compensation insurance unless exempt by law. Each state has different laws governing the amount and duration of lost wages benefits.

Did You Know?

  • Part-time workers are NOT considered casual labor and may necessitate workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Health and accident insurance is NOT a substitute for workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Family member employees are exempt ONLY under certain conditions.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance coverage MAY even be required for workers that don’t actually receive wages.


If your business is deemed to be required to carry workers compensation and you do not, all of the personal liability, lost wages, etc. may fall onto your shoulders. You may also be penalized a fine of 10% the amount of medical and disability benefits because you weren’t insured at the time of the injury or occupational disease.

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