Boat Insurance

Protect your assets and investments by insuring your boat and other recreational vehicles.  Ensure you are financially protected against accident or damage that may occur.

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Boat Insurance

If you own smaller boats such as small drift boats, canoes, kayaks, or power boats that run under 25 Horse Power it is possible that your renters or homeowners insurance provide some limited coverage. It’s important to know what your policies cover so check with your insurance agent or representative.

Larger boats will need their own insurance policies, factors such as type, size and worth of the craft and where it is used will play a role in determining how much the coverage will cost.

Jet Ski / Personal Watercraft

As with smaller boats it is possible that home-owners and auto insurance policies many provide some coverage for personal watercraft. Check with your agent or representative about coverage limits and discuss purchasing a personal watercraft policy designed to cover you and your watercraft should you have an accident.

Personal Watercraft Policies typically consist of the following coverage:

  • Medical coverage
  • Passenger liability coverage
  • Property Damage
  • Bodily Injury
  • Theft

Liability coverage typically begins at $15,000 and can be increased to $300,000. Most policies have a deductible of $250 for property damages, $500 if the craft is stolen and up to $1,000 dollars for medical payments.

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Insurance Coverage Types

We will help you determine the appropriate coverage and determine any discounts you may be able to take advantage of.

  • Boat Covers
  • Communications and Navigation Devices
  • Docking Bumpers / Fenders
  • Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Motor Coverage
  • Physical Damage
  • Theft
  • Trailer Coverage

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